Translations hard?
Make it easy.

What?! makes translating your applications easy as pie, you just can’t eat it.

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You have it all.

  • Nice and easy to use interface
  • Designed for XLF-translations
  • Created with Angular i18n in mind
  • Matches new source files and existing translations
  • Easy to use statistics
  • Shows missing translations
  • Indication for changed sources
What?! translation app preview
Type your translation and tab to the next one

Just type and tab

Type your text and push tab, on to the next one. We make it easy so you can focus on your work, not the tool.

Merge source and translation files


Just throw in your new source file together with your existing translations, it will automatically match them up for you.

Keep your work local

Keep it local

We don’t store any of your translations, any sensitive information in your translations will always be safe.

Statistics of your project

Know your numbers

Always see in a glance how many translations you have and the amount of work that needs to be done.

Filter to show only changed translation sources

Keep grip on changes

Source changes are shown to make sure they are still on point, you can even filter on them.

Inbox for your missing translations with easy filtering

Don’t miss anything

Easily see all missing translations, how many it’s about and filter on it so you can work through them.

Translation filetype support

Angular is not the only tech stack that needs translations. We want to help all builders create awesome apps.

What?! supported i18n/translation file extensions, frameworks and languages

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